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Story of a

Dorothy Ogda Laxton is an emerging (or, re-emerging) “Multidisciplinary CathArtist” that is exploring literary, musical, visual, digital and performance art in various ways and combinations. A storyteller unbound by any one particular mode of expression who has a deep interest in the human condition. Driven by a need to communicate, identify, explore, express, connect, share and promote things of authentic value.  Ultimately, all of her work is intended to communicate ideas of value and stimulate connection. In this increasingly isolating and unnatural world her hope is to move others to reconnect – with themselves, each other and their context.

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Photo: CBC Arts: Exhibitionists. S5, E12, at 7:17.
Bruised Years Choir segment from 5:17 - 10:38.
Dorothy speaks at 7:00, 8:41 and 10:26. 

"No truth is ever worse than a lie."

Dorothy Ogda Laxton

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