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A Good Place To Begin Again

This was the original intent of my Blahgs... posting the soundbites with some explanation. So easy to veer off paths. There are so many to explore in our "reality". And, I have a backlog of posts to make. This is a recent one. And, a good place to start.

Could we start again?

I mean that.

Could we all simply look in the mirror and cop to all of the things we do in our lives to contribute to the disaster the future is set to be for humanity?

Could we all just stop wanting for ourselves and start to actually consider what we are contributing to the greater good? Not what we are doing to maintain the status quo; what we are leaving behind?

We could.

But, it would take a lot more honesty than most are willing to excercise.

The truth is uncomfortable any way you slice it. It is a lot less distressing if you choose to face it. It will, inevitable force us all to.

Happy Toosday!

Sending love. Shedding light.



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