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An Artist’s Statement

I am submitting my first three works for exhibition today.  And, I have spent the better part of the past five hours trying to finalize my Artist’s Statement.  A blog for blog’s sake may not be possible.  And, having had little reference to work from, I would love some feedback.  Comments are encouraged and all will be greeted with gratitude.

Enough preamble…

Mother Nature is my muse.  And, Human Nature my master.  I feel more like a conduit of creative force rather than a creator.  I convey meaning though imagery.  Both visual and literary.  Often combining the two.  As a photo artist, I spontaneously capture the beauty and truths unveiled in my view and seek to share these visions with the world.  Sometimes, left in the raw state they were captured.  Others, edited and presented to direct perception.  Always, with the intent of conveying some value and moving the audience toward its appreciation.  From the simple beauty of a sunrise to the profound experience of a random revelation.  My greatest goal is to be a channel through which good, orderly direction flows.

August 21, 2005 010
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