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An honest hypocrate

Our systems (political, economic and social) have become toxic because we have ceased to acknowledge our part in the dysfunction. We abdicate our responsibility for our contribution to societal problems by accepting our roles in systems we know are destructive. Why? To maintain the lifestyles we chase. We eat up the ego feeding, convenient creature comforts that profit seeking marketers have substituted for real value in order to maximize the bottom line. Instead of critically considering the true costs of our daily behaviours and consciously choosing to exchange our dollars for things of any real (let alone equal) value, we blame the industries we have blindly trusted and the leaders that those who actually bother to vote elect. We all have flaws and weaknesses. We all err and fail. Life is messy and unfair. Wisdom and growth come from embracing, accepting and experiencing these truths. The world is going to shit because we won’t wipe our own asses. It is far beyond time we all started thinking about all those things we say we can’t think about. Truth is freedom.

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