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Carving my way out of the concrete jungle

This double-edged sword is the only tool I have to cut through the fallacious foliage that has blocked the sunlight and stunted my growth.  Having faith means you have to face fear.  And, in a society that has grown as fearful as ours has, aversion and denial are so readily at hand, it is almost impossible to remember that faith even plays a role anymore.

I remember a time when I had faith.  And, I don’t believe it ever left.  It did become imprisoned.  Overshadowed by an environment of fear, I was indoctrinated to believe that no risk was acceptable.  I could only be free if I was tethered to a stable job, a home, a lifestyle.  Where is the logic in that?

Overcoming a lifetime of risk-aversion is no simple task.  And, some days, fear wins out.  I am grateful to say that those days come less and less.  More often, they have shrunk to hours, even moments.

And, overcoming them bears fruit…  Like pieces of wordart…  Proof of the value of faith.


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