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For The Record

Started writing this as a Facebook post and realized, I am just screaming in the wind. So, those who chose to read me can visit here if they actually give a shit about where I am coming from. Sadly, the vast majority are, I believe at heart, just so horrified that to admit where we ARE would be devastating. I get it.... FTR

I am not some uneducated boob.

Despite hitting an alcoholic bottom, then experiencing the death of MY BEST FRIEND/baby brother, I graduated with a 3.53 GPA. My major, Accounting. I met the full requirements for minors in both Law and Philosophy. Ryerson would only let me pick one. I chose Law... it wasn't an option to put it on the printed degree. I also received the CGA Award for Excellence. I was an accounting T.A. and privately tutored STATISTICS; helping one student bring their grade from failing to an 80% in 2 sessions (one test). My electives included study in the "Fundamentals of Mathematical Thought". Not to mention also being in serious relationships with a Molecular Biophysics PhD candidate while he was working on his thesis (using micro-bubbles as targeted contrast agents for imaging and drug delivery for treatments) and, later, a Computer Science PhD.

Additionally, I first trained as a peer support in 1988 and have actively, independently researched and advocated for mental health awareness and support my ENTIRE LIFE. Both for myself and others. I actually know what it means to do thorough academic RESEARCH, as well as make educated observations that lead to rational conclusions. I am a sentient, free-thinking human being. I am not a "conspiracy theorist"

Or, a "variant factory"

Or, a terrorist

Or, a threat to humanity.

I am aghast at how easy it has been to get the buzz words on everyone's lips.

I have tried to get people to pay attention to the greater good for decades. I even ran as a Federal candidate 16 years ago. Now, I am accused of being selfish and not caring?

I am probably one of the most conscientious people about taking every precaution not to put others at risk with this virus. I have accepted that there are loved ones I will likely never see again. I can deal with not eating in restaurants or going to venues. I am, generally isolated and stay that way if there is ANY SIGN OF SYMPTOMS OR POTENTIAL RISK. I follow every rule. More than I can say for any one of you who drive. In 2020, with the lockdowns, we saw an average of almost 2 pedestrian deaths a month in the City of Toronto (not the GTA). Prior years, it was 3-6 per month. Let that sink in.

Yet, I am the threat, for making a decision of conscience none of you will even acknowledge - you just paint me with the bullshit propaganda instead of actually listening to my ethical dilemma - let alone respect my right to choose.

Show me one person I am to blame for "making" sick... what a ridiculous fucking notion that is in itself. Viruses happen, people get sick. Unless someone is walking around consciously spreading, which seems to be the general false assumption about "the unvaccinated" - that we are all irresponsible head cases, you cannot fairly blame a carrier.

From what has surfaced, the only people responsible for this virus are the ones doing research that is tied to your not-a-cure... Let that sink in.

Keep sweeping the truth under the rug as it emerges. Not your fault you didn't know better... just what "consensus" tells you as they rationalize demonizing critics and different (complementary, not exclusive or limiting in anyway shape or form) treatments and strategies by labelling it all "pseudo-science". It's harmless prodding, right? Can you not hear yourselves? Ask Marian Tursky: "Thou shalt not be indifferent." (click name and watch the whole speech)

For me, who first posted the question "Does anybody care about the survival of the human race anymore?" at least 8 years ago (got zero response), it's pretty fucking rich. That's what it is kids

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