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Happy Toosday!

A few years back, I found myself in the hospital for a few weeks.  While “doing the ‘Descartes'” as I liked to call it, it dawned on me that Tuesdays had this way of being subtly extreme.  A fellow patient suggested cutting them out of my calendars altogether.

Since then, I have found myself seeking ways to acknowledge this force-filled, forgotten day.  Mondays are, well, Mondays.  Wednesdays are “Hump Days”.  We’ve got “Throw-Back Thursdays”.  And, “T(hank)G(od)I(t’s)F(riday)s”.  Saturdays and Sundays reign as “The Weekend”.

Are Tuesdays so difficult because they have been neglected?  Ignored?  Is it because I never quite rev up on Monday?  Is it because they are the long, steep incline to the “hump” of the week?  Anyway I look at it, Tuesdays are, often, too much.  Not necessarily bad.  More, overwhelming.

And, that is the inspiration for my, subtle, alteration to the name of the day.

May your Toosday be a delightful deluge!

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