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Happy Weednesday

Yes, here in Canada, Wednesdays are “weedless” no more. Along with every other day. Was that an intentional giggle? Perhaps not to start. However, I find it hard to believe that the “coincidence” has escaped the powers that be. For those it hasn’t dawned on, I am delighted to let you in on the joke. There is little I like to share more than a good laugh, when I can.

I imagine the streets of Toronto will be more pungent today. Funny, too, that I actually have to take myself out onto them. Oh, how I would rather sit here and continue to let the snowball of creative thought barrel down the immense hill of content that I am working with to shape a show from the soundtrack of my life. The Fringe lottery opened yesterday.

Determined to produce something worthy of the opportunity, should I be lucky enough to be drawn, I spent roughly ten hours tending to my “cosmic soup”. Focused on this one project. Consciously experiencing, perhaps for the first time, the inception and gestation of a seed of inspiration. Like the early cell division of a zygote, files of lyrics came together; momentarily, pieces in a clump, multiplying; then, merging into the early, undeveloped form of a one-human show. Although I have known for some time that I have spent a good portion of my life on auto-pilot, it still rattles me that so much of my creativity happens “behind the scenes”. Yesterday, I was awed. Watching that stage develop in my mind. Binding my songs together with dialogue. And, in finding a way to cut and connect the scenes, I think I even conceived a name.

Early days though, so much can change. I marvel in the possibilities. The one thing I am certain of is that I am fully committed to birthing this project. Time for some prenatal care. 😉


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