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Yesterday, my intention was to leave my art therapy group early.  Postponing creation of my “Toosday cathartsis” to later in the day so I could attend to a medical issue.  However, the movement meditation we did so vividly evoked the vision of my heartfire growing and spreading out into the world around me that it, literally, erupted from my hands into the red fabric I was present with.

It was such a compelling experience.  I could not stop until I had freed the flames.  I had to manifest the vision in a physical form.  I took it with me and stoked it through the day.  With every push or pull or twist, it flickered.  Unwinding and recoiling.  Bursting out sparks and waning to embers.  Until, in my den, it settled into a warm glow that now sits in my view.  Ever ready to take me back to my heartfire whenever it needs to be stoked.

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