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Into a new year.

I cannot let 2018 pass away without some acknowledgement.  For, I am most certainly not the same person I was when it started…

And, at the moment (maybe always), the question is: who am I?

I almost ended that query with the word “exactly”.  It is the “exactly” part that has always been the problem.  This revelation has been more of a gentle yet swift fade in of soft light than a sudden lightbulb.

I am a Multi-disciplinary Cath-art-ist!  A hack-of-all-arts (and a few trades).  There is no one pigeon hole for this bird.  I migrate.  I do land in the same ponds along the way over and over.  The journey only seems so haphazard because I keep trying to stay in one place.  I get all discombobulated.  I miss whole legs of the journey then, have to try to catch up.

The problem has always been in trying to choose one focal point.  I cannot settle in one niche anymore than a Monarch butterfly or a Canada Goose could remain in my neighborhood park 12 months a year (I haven’t even been able to write this on one device today.  And, I’ve been in 2 cities.  This is actually the first blog I have written on my phone!)

I now see that I will only ever find stability in accepting, embracing and working with my variable nature.  I am riding into this new year without hope or expectaion.  Instead, I want to greet 2019 with courage and curiosity.  Confident that I will find something…

Happy New Year to all!


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