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Well, as tongue in cheek as that Blagh and subsequent exhibition title initially were, today, they are past ironically (bordering eerily) accurate. I don't think anyone will argue that 2020 has been a catastrophic year. To be completely honest, I am very out of touch with current events as, at this point, I don't think much of it matters anymore. The fumes our globalized economies have been running off of for far longer than most would suspect are gone. The disenchanted youth of today are fed up with trying to maintain the status quo because previous generations refuse to get their head's out of their asses, admit their wrongs and correct their behaviours to create a sustainable future for humanity. They are, quite righteously angry. And, although we coddled and confused our children to make our ability to be indulgent easier; then became exasperated with their "sense of entitlement" and vilified all "millennials"; there is a growing number of young adults resisting the current Orwellian shifts to ensure that they can overcome the INSTITUTIONALIZED ADDICTION that CORPORATE CONSUMER CAPITALISM is and build a new, sustainable way of living as part of this planet. One way or another, the old system is crumbling and will, inevitably, be destroyed.

It doesn't have to be apocalyptic. Not for everyone.

We could decide to face the wrongs we have done in the pursuit of indulgent lifestyles and make the "uncomfortable" changes necessary to once again build valuable, fulfilling lives. Ones full of sustained comfort. Not instant gratification. So, it seems that the time for my realistic (more popularly known among my peers as "negative") view of the prevailing Global "culture" is now. My last exhibition sparked some interest in my "wisdom"(not my words). I am a tool. A conduit. I am not the source. We can all access it. Like overcoming any addiction ("Binging" on "Crave" is a celebrated passtime!!!!! *massive facepalm*) it takes honesty, openness and willingness to make the changes that will turn us toward a healthy way of living. Surrendering to powerlessness (not giving up or in). And, acknowledgement that WE are part of something greater than our individual selves. WE are humanity. We are a part of, not apart from, nature. Struggle is essential to the human experience. Even our flaws have positive purpose. And, like it or not, we are all flawed. What other purpose do strengths serve than to provide support where there is weakness? WE are interdependent beings. The system was made for the people. Not the people for the system. It is far past time we remember that.

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