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It’s a process

Everyday, there is a shift.  As imperceptible as the moon’s drift away from the earth…  I swear, the moon was bigger in the sky when I was small… I wonder if the metre-and-a-half or so of distance that would have accumulated in my lifetime at the current rate actually has produced a perceptible difference.  Perhaps the activity that we imposed upon it – just up until my birth –  gave it a push.  I do find it an interesting fact that the last man on the moon arrived back on the earth the day before I was born…

Today, as a person, a human being, I am trying desperately to move out of the gravity of my past.  I got locked in it’s orbit before I could understand I had a force of my own.  Like a young planetary system trying to sort out the debris of two giant bodies colliding, my early environment was a chaotic, reactive, sometimes violent, sometimes euphoric, always enlightening, field of energetic souls.  Out of which, many more beautiful and inspired souls have emerged.  Our saving grace, no matter how seemingly devastating the event, love and faith were the forces that guided our movements.

For good or bad,  I got lost in a toxic asteroid belt.  Floating facing my turbulent origins.  Engulfed in a ring of poisonous gasses.  Repeatedly being beaten by the impacts of past chain reactions and unintended consequences.  Unable to see there could be a safer orbit.

Finally, an impact was so great that it has changed my trajectory.  A true shift of perspective and a universe of possible paths before me.  Finally moving outward.  Still drifting through debris.  But, more and more, shifting by my own force.  Accumulating my own gravity.  Building my own atmosphere.

Seeing how far I have come.  Even if it is only barely perceptible.  It is movement out.  For that I am grateful.

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