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Jumping off the hump

8:42 am

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a busy one already. In less than two hours, I have conceived; I have created; I have been counselled; I have connected. And, I just poured my second cup of coffee. Not to mention, two “conversations with Ma”. (Think of nature calling. *giggle*)

The door to that labyrinth sits right by my bed. A straight path I have never had.

I actually sat down, having had another “light-bulb” moment, while finally watching this month’s “Energy Update”. For me, these messages are always timely and relevant. Lee and I definitely connect to the universe in a similar manner. The massive shift in my own energy since the end of August has been almost mind-boggling. At the same time, it has been the most stable transformation of person that I could have hoped for.

Who doesn’t scream on a roller-coaster? Some are terrified. Some are trepidatious. Some are triumphant.

I’m a little bit of all three. In truth, I prefer being spun in teacups… (I am currently working on a spoken word project using an amusement park as a metaphor for life 😉 )

Back to the light-bulb… not that I ever really left. It hit me while I listened to Lee describe the general air of my existence in this period, that the low I am currently battling by doing things like writing right now is a residue. What a brilliant analogy! I am so accustomed to having fits and spurts of creativity that would insist on being brought into existence. Then, being blocked from that sunlight again by the “choice” I made to make a life in “the real world” that we have made up. It is like that filmy feeling on your skin when you have wandered through a smoggy city on a steamy day.

And, as I wrote that, I received a payment reminder for one of my credit cards. HAHAHA.

The universe has a funny way about it. Sometimes, my life is so ironic, or serendipitous, it is hard to imagine it hasn’t been scripted. So, I take my cues and walk the stage. Gratefully.

Today, I actually do get to take the stage. My second paid performance in a month. The third is tomorrow. Time to walk the midway and get in line for that ride.

9:51 am

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