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Just because

I haven’t been here for a few days and I thought I should post something.  The past 72 hours or so have been consumed by compiling, developing and recording material to perform and have an “album” to offer my audience on December 14th.

In August, I became a member of Workman Arts: an organization that supports artists of all ilks that suffer from mental health and addiction issues.  I have never been shy about the fact that I struggle with both.  In truth, we all have our struggles.  For some of us, I believe, our struggle is more in how we see and perceive the world.  Artists see and perceive the world very differently from the “norm”.  We also feel things far more profoundly, it seems.

There is a purpose to that.

Any audient will tell you that an emotive performance is far more compelling than one that is flat and dry.  The world cannot expect us to feel at such a depth, only when it is entertaining.  I can no more turn on and off my connection to the feelings that fuel my creative output because it is “inappropriate” than a goldfish can hold its breath while you leave it on the table because you don’t feel like watching it swim.

That is, pretty much, the way my life developed.

I did, however, find my way into a wonderful pool when, half dead, I got flushed down the toilet.

For the record:  No.  I cannot use my “inside voice”.  You cannot use stadium loudspeakers as earbuds, kids.

Happy Toosday! 🙃


P.S.  If you are in Toronto on December 14th and would like to experience some what we have all been creating over the past few months, come by the End-of-Season Showcase.  651 Dufferin Street.  4-7pm.

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