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Manic Monday morning mind

Not even playing smack the alarm.  When I did rise this morning, my brain told me I need to do. “What?” is the question.  Do I work on my spoken word?  Strategize my financial future?  Pick up my guitar?  Do the dishes…  Hello, Amazon Prime…  LOL

Not today.  Write my blog…

Stuck between have-to’s, I am experimenting with multi-tasking.  Instead of trying to force my focus on a single task, I have been allowing my tangential nature to guide my activities.  Making phone calls between paragraphs.  Jotting down editing notes for other compositions that are randomly triggered.  Checking email.

Am I more productive than I was last week?  That isn’t clear.  In many ways, it seems so.  I am ticking more boxes at the end of each day.  And, some that were getting full check marks have fallen back to mere dashes, incomplete.

The best measure for progress is that I am, still, holistically moving forward.  Tackling many things I have, ’til now, avoided.  Truth: I really don’t have a choice.  At least until the current income lag is resolved.  If only I could find a place where value doesn’t require a price-tag.  Or, one where the time taken to determine that price doesn’t cut into the production of the value… Yet another project waiting in the wings for my attention.  A manifesto, for lack of a better term.  One that I believe to be extremely important.  Getting it right is paramount.

These days, interpretation is everything.  One of the reasons I abandoned literary studies in the early nineties was because the force of gross misinterpretations based on “individual”, personal perceptions and emotional reactions in my classes ruined any intelligent discussion of authors and their works.  It was also, about that time, that I allowed my own world to become quite small. I ceased to revel in the observation of my fellow human.  I stopped following the news.  And, I certainly stopped trying to discuss anything beyond my immediate context.  Long gone are the days of critical thinking.  Of not only learning to see, but to be able to argue, differing perspectives.  No one seeks common ground anymore.  You are either for or against.  Individual rights have usurped collective responsibilities.  Our societal pursuit is of privilege, not value.  And, we are all in competition.  For all we talk about levelling playing fields and equalizing things, we are divided on more fronts than ever.  And, we may have tons of “choices” and “comforts” that we chase. But, those pursuits have us trapped…

Big world and little world.  Human and individual. As Physics seeks to reconcile General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.  I seek a unifying “Theory of Everyone”.

See how that works.  On to today’s work. 😉

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