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Paradise found or logic lost?

I find myself shaking my head almost constantly these days.  As much at myself as the next person.  I fear sanity has left us for good.  None of the choices we North Americans make are based on any thought of creating a harmonious, unified – not homogenized, sense of community.  All of them are focused on the isolated individual.  We don’t accept anything we don’t “like” anymore.  There is no seeking common ground or compromise.  Is it any wonder that we are so discontent?

I’ll tell you, for all we have “progressed” in my lifetime, people are more fearful, discontent and enslaved than they have ever been.  I  am quite certain that is true, not merely for my lifetime.  Rather, at the very least, since the so called “Enlightenment” completely blinded us to our place in the universe.  The tiny worlds we now occupy as individuals are completely at the mercy of our socio/economic constructs.  Our decisions are not based on building a better future.  They are about maintaining “lifestyles”.  The pursuit of happiness in the now has made true contentment impossible.

Just some thoughts on a Wednesday morning.

Happy humpday!

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