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Stepping Out of the Garden... And, out on a limb.

More than a year in the making and I am finally launching this site. The transition from worker bee "Hack-Of-All-Arts" to professional "Multidisciplinary CathArtist" continues to be a process. The page, like myself, is very much a work in progress. I have been cajoled, however, by the fact that this "brand name" I have been developing seems to have been picked up by a few other folks since I started working with it. So, without further delay, I am launching the site.

Still feeling fairly daunted by the complexity of trying to sustain myself as an artist. I dream to merely be the creative tool of the UNIVERSE that I was made to be. However, creating things is pointless if they aren't shared. Aren't they?

Welcome to my world. I do hope you find value here.. 🙏

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