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The “Dark” side of the “Information Age”

It never ceases to amaze me, how little epiphanies still strike me from behind… such obvious “face-palms” in retrospect.  Even after a lifetime of exploration and examination, the human condition continues to find new and interesting ways to present itself.

Like it or not, no matter deeply we bury our nature, it always drags us back.

Whatever do I mean?

Well, at this very moment, it is the awareness that I was not viewing, but listening to a YouTube video that has my head in hand.  Seemingly out of nowhere, it hit me: we are returning to an oral tradition.  The tool of writing; “forbidden knowledge”, the lack of which had kept us in the “dark ages”; that was emancipated from the control of the elite so that we could acquire and retain information more accurately as individuals, is slowly being removed from our skill set.  Not to mention that experiential knowledge has been all but completely usurped by academic knowledge.  And, our educational institutions are abandoning manual communication tools.  How much of the currently evolving generations can truly be deemed literate if the majority of the information they absorb is fed through their eyes and ears; if they cannot interpret or generate manually produced information; if they rely on pushing buttons and using spell checkers rather than being able to form and arrange characters through their own knowledge of the process?

This information age is actually robbing us of vital information.

Something to think about.


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