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Through which looking glass?

There are six drafts waiting for me here.  Thoughts interrupted by thoughts… interrupted by thoughts…  Like a circle of mirrors reflecting each other and bits of their surroundings from ever so slightly different angles.  All revealing their pieces of truth that make up the big picture.  Two stood together, side by side, can often show what seem to be completely different spaces.  Yet, each glimpse gives a broader perspective and allows a vision of the whole from the limited points of view.

This is how my brain works.  Always trying to capture 360°.  But, even a panoramic camera can only take in a section.  A maddening pursuit it is, trying to colour in all of the space on the page.  Having to be mindful of the endless individual lines of detail.  The billions of frames around those mirrors, blocking the scope of vision.  I no more have the tools to illustrate the whole picture than any one of us has the ability to see their whole body.

So, these drafts will continue to accumulate until I can fit the pieces of the puzzle together.  Or, at the very least,  separate out the frame.

Today, my goal is to start my week by posting something… anything.


Happy Monday!

IMAG6125 bw

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