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Monday morning.  Lacking substance.  The “real world” had me on hold before 6 am.  In a queue of sixty-two, I juggled notions of many actions to take while waiting and lined them up in their own.

This particular task, my commitment to writing every morning, landed in fourth place; preceded only by general maintenance items.  Gratefully, just over an hour into the wait (as I was about to take my first action, of course), the hold music broke and I heard a “Hello”…

Magically, this Monday morning is moving along.  I have i’s to dot and t’s to cross.  And, thus far, they are falling nicely into some semblance of order.  I will admit, the fact that being on hold for a mere sixty-five minutes was a bonus is astounding in several ways.

With less than an hour before I must venture out into the world, I am grateful that I have been able to keep this commitment.  Both to you and myself.  And, I am grateful for you.  Your audience is my purpose.

May you have a Merry Monday! 

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