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Whiling away the hours

The things time gets filled with…  Yes, it likes to slip over my open hands and through these stiff fingers.  It is all to easy to get lost in the debate of what to do next.

In the past two weeks, I have let even this, a fabulous tool for veiled procrastination, fall by the wayside.  The lure of my bed has usurped my drive to produce yet again.  Granted, the output of the two weeks prior was enough to exhaust anyone for a month.  That, however, is not a valid rationalization for my laziness.

In truth, it is this season.  Turned over like an apple cart as consumerism has done with pretty much everything of any real value for monetary gain.  All manner of gifts and joy turned into a relentless, wasteful spectacle.  One we seem to have a “duty” as consumers to participate in.

Which brings this rambling mind to – and beyond –  thoughts of UBI – Universal Basic Income.

I watched a video on YouTube this morning about what the world would be like without money.  It has actually moved my mind past the notion of UBI to a system without the need for monetary exchange at all.  UBI makes sense because, by merely existing as a consumer in our economy, even without doing a shred of work, every person contributes to the system.  And, the truth is, all of the supposed wealth that has been “created” is debt based.  We have, and continue to take (and waste) far more actual value than we contribute.  This video has coaxed a more recent notion I have had: in this day and age of instant, virtual, “monetary” transactions, completely dissociated from any intrinsic value, why do we need to place dollar values on anything?  If we all have these cards we transact with; that indicate our participation in the system, what does it matter what anything is worth?  If we could all, somehow, shift our focus from how much we get to contributing the best we can so that we can all have things of true value, could we function without money?  Could we rise above the judgement of meritocracy and truly all be treated of equal value?

There’s the rub.  The issue isn’t with changing the system.  The system was established because it could be good for all.  If we would, individually, take responsibility for making it that way.  It is the need to change the individualistic perspective.  Why did the “Enlightenment” happen?  Not because the people won.  I think it is beyond clear that we haven’t.  How many of us don’t participate as citizens because we feel we have no control?  It is because those who wield economic power realized it is easier to enslave the placated.  Consumerism is self-destructive, institutionalized addiction that we have succumb to as a society.  For all of the “freedom” and “choice” we believe we can have, we are more dependent on and oppressed by the employment model than humans have ever been by any system in the history of civilization.  We create junk to keep people “earning”.  Working longer hours, enduring more stress, doing less necessary things for the sake of … what exactly?  The lack of logic in North American society astounds me.

Ah, I could go on.  And, probably should.  I do intend to write my manifesto someday.  Who knows, maybe I can make enough sense to help the shift along …  clear the view …


For now, I hear my bed offering more Utopian dreams.

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