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Walking is a RIGHT! Driving is a PRIVILEGE!

Walking is a RIGHT! Driving is a PRIVILEGE!


Are you tired of being seen as a pylon? Remind this car-centric city that pedestrians have rights.  Hazard and regulatory sign designs  available.
* I was quite pleasanlty surprized at the effect the hazard sign design seemed to have on driver behaviour when made visible at busy intersections. It is amazing what stating what should be a given can do.  
Iron-on transfers are designed and applied by me. Shirts are black, crew neck, men's/uniswex  medium and large sizes. A very limited number of women's medium and large shirts are also available.  More sizes will become available as demand dictates. DIY Iron-on transfers can be purchased for $15. A minimum 1400W iron is required (1600W recommended). Full instructions will be provided.

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