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A reality check for the “real world”

The “real world” tells me I should get over it.  My suffering is trivial.  I could “suck it up” before, why can’t I do it now? This girl was 19 when she wrote this and she was tired.  I am almost 46. My story isn’t so different, just longer.  The patterns stick.  I’m pretty sure I was younger than six… Some things just don’t go away. I’m done with pretending I’m ok. A part I played, I must confess. A living lie to mask distress. My prison of armour had to go. That weighty maille suppressed me so. It blocked me from any aid. An isolated world was what I made. The war I wage was locked inside. Left to suffer alone, I almost died. It is time to embrace the pain. So that this girl can live again.

  1. photo from FB post linked above.

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