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On Being A Messenger. (The sound of the trees falling).

The final installment of Facebook posts from the November 4-8 deluge...

Again, I may post some of these on their own later.

And, in Dialectical form.

What makes the difference? AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE. 🤔🙃

Seeing the forest; trying to mind the trees since the eve of the Winter Solstace, 1972.

Stating the blatantly obvious (yet, somehow, completely missed - or, willfully ignored) since I could express full thoughts in words.



Sometimes, I use words. Same sentiment applies.

Sometimes it takes a slap in the face to wake people up.🙃


Yep, I'm a buzz kill. Always have been. Do I wish it was different? You can't say I haven't tried countless ways to make it so. I guess I would rather be honest than what you all call "Happy". I find keeping up the facade exhausting.

At the end of the day, being real feels less empty. I can take some solace in that.


Hello 1984



But a cloud of smoke


A new Phoem... could have been a Blahg. I think I will file it and the companion it brought to mind under "subatomic prose".


Want to know what is great about standing on a cliff; staring into the abyss; howling into the wind so as to not even get an echo, only the drone from the force of the air that pushes against you; that force the only thing that keeps you from falling forward into the chasm?

You know, like it or not, you are alive.


Yep. It is great to wake up at 3 am competely disgusted with your species.



I guess what I am trying to say is, we are heading for dark times and we all have to get used to giving up a lot of "comfort". It would be so much easier if we could all accept that and start supporting and encouraging "individuals" to make meaningful changes... like actually respecting traffic laws as the saftey measures (not personal restrictions) they are.

The longer we wait to acclimate, the tighter we hang on to our "fixes", the harder it is going to be.

I have tried to find ways on my own. I have lived and publicly promoted choosing to walk over driving for over 20 years. But, the refusal of the world around me to even consider my perspective has blocked me at every turn. I am 47, walking with a walker as a direct result of living as a pedestrian in a car driven world. I am disabled because I chose my RIGHT to the far less convenient and far more RESPONSIBLE use my feet over the PRIVILEGED LUXURY of driving.

If I could, alone, just walk away and shake the sand from my feet I would.


Who am I to tell anyone anything?

One could say an expert - even argue, an authority - on what NOT to do.



I am sorry, everyone. Ultimately, I am just so very sad at the state we are in. It didn't have to be like this. I so deeply regret shutting up and not rocking the boat. I was... am... a coward.

People may not hate me... yet. But, most really don't want to be near me. And, I cant blame them. I dont either.

I see the world in a way most don't. I wish I didn't. I wish I could just stay on the ground and not see the things I do. It is the way I am wired. It is easier to magnify from a height than to get above and see all of the detail from the ground.

I dont think I am better or know better. Just have a perspective where i can actually connect the dots. Some things sre just so obvious to me. And, I cant help but want to scream "the sky is falling". I get frustrated because we are all capable of this. We just have to get our heads out of the spectacle(and, our asses) and listen to the truth within.

That is hard because we have all bought into the illusion. Sated prisoners watching shadows.

I was dragged up... or somehow born outside of the cave. The sunlight is harsh at times. But, I so desperately wish I could make you all believe again in its warmth. I try showing it to you in every way I can. Every intensitity. The necessity for darkness to give shade and shape and colour...

Oh, my fellow humans, I lament the loss of humanity.

I cry for all of the souls who have been convinced that we know better than NATURE. That anyone in any way could be born wrong. How we have been taught to judge, not to love, ourselves and each other.

I am sorry. I am honestly sad for us all.

Keep on pretending to be "Happy".

I will keep carrying this cross.

I don't know if it will save anyone. I have no choice but to care. It is my cup.


I wrote this in 1984 or 1985 after watching "The Day After". I don't recall exactly. My parents hadn't let me watch it when it was originally aired on Nov. 20, 1983. I saw it about a year later when it was run again. But, I thought it was in the spring. It might have been 1984. Either way, I was about 12.

Even then, I lamented the state of humanity.


Yes. I am strong.

And, I would give up my feet, never walk again, to have someone strong enough and willing to stand by my side.


Everything is sound. We are not solid. We are energy congealing and vibrating. Frequency.

We have to stop seeing GOD (Good Orderly Direction) as a separate being. We are A PART. Not APART.

"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me."

Isaiah 49:16 (KJV)


We are too focused on the flesh.

Christians. Forget about "The Christ". Pick up your bibles and just read the red words.

Jesus is The Word Made Flesh. We are supposed to listen to him and FOLLOW HIM. Not just call him "Lord, Lord" (Luke 6:46).

Non-Christians. Ask Buddha. He knows.


One last thing...

So Jesus answered them and said, "This teaching of mine is not mine, but rather that of him who sent me; If anyone wishes to do his will, he will recognize, as far as this teaching is concerned, whether it is from God or whether I speak from myself."

John 7: 16-17. The New Testament. A Translation by David Bentley Hart.


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