• bystresscookie

Finding flow

The dark, early morning creeps in like a thief.  Four-thirty AM likes my company.  And, my body betrays me, almost without fail, by answering its call.

True, some days it comes at six or three.  Now and then, I can manage to effectively snooze myself through another hour or so.  And, at least, try to frame my mind to direct the flow before the deluge of thoughts seeking communication hits.  Some days, I manage to channel a few different streams with some focus in short spells.  Others, I can capture the tail of a dragon and fly with it for hours.  Days even.

And, then, there are those days when my eyes open, I sit upright and I get completely flattened.  I’ve had more than a few of them lately.  Mind you, those days were the norm for a very long time.  It took three years of therapy before I could feel safe enough to merely hope for some joy.  Let alone actually experience