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States of Unknown

I came by today to make another post... and remembered... I was determined not to forget this one... yet again, unfinished. But, not undone. As incomplete as me... written Dec 2, 2021

Into states of unknown We all have been thrown

Every "answer', a new question looming Eating up what they feed Making up what we "need" preserving lifestyles, all consuming


Not what I came to write. Hardly every is. The muse moves far too fast to be caught before reaching a pencil, let alone getting on the computer; uploading a photo; and, all that jazz it takes to get here.

Nope, I am actually quite exhausted already. A break in the course of writing is almost guaranteed... we will see as I write.

See, I never even wanted to have a computer. I was happy to write by hand and doodle. To actually speak to people face to face. To personally exchange energy. To, intimately, interact; connect; and, communicate.

Alas, the "real world", brought to you by OUR "desired lifestyles", would not allow me mine... So, I often whine. Why should I be grateful to a technocracy I have vocally opposed - and, been told to shut up and accept; which, I deeply regret, I tried to - all of my life? Ugh, again, not quite where I meant to go... my brain wandering to places yet known.

Time for that break...

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