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Taking a "leap"

So, I really need to start channelling my morning thoughts here. I go to Facebook for fodder a lot. This is what the universe had to say today. A stream triggered by a 4 year old, photographic memory: 4 Years Ago "It has struck me how so many of last year's leaves still dangle from the trees... refusing to be released."

A fitting memory this morning... leaves of past years dangling... like specters...

hoping to shed some today to make room for new growth.

Life is a funny thing. Another memory is one of my words of the week: Spectral.


I like to connect the dots. I know I am not one. 😉

And, sometimes, I jump, like an electron... to some, make "quantum leaps". The connection is beyond the average human perception. One that, however, we all can actually achieve. You just have to be willing to actually USE YOUR WONDERFUL BRAIN.

Sadly, most people just don't want to think that much. Never have.

Events like "The Enlightenment" have been absolutely wasted on us.


Things I need to let go...

Good Morning, fellow humans. Welcome to the rapids. Hang on and hang in.

Whatever comes. Love first.

End Transmission,

Jan 8, 2022.7:19 am

BTW. I can be very friendly with science. As long as it friendly too. And, has some respect for differing perspectives (this should not have to be stated) and boundaries. Like any good collaborator.

What a wonderful thought, approaching with a mind to collaboration, not conquest...

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