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30 years of (quite unsuccessfully) biting my tongue.

The past few days have been... well... vomitous? I seem to be lacking an apropriate adjective.

Long story as short as I can make it🙃: The convoy of illustrations (trees in the proverbial...):

~ intended to reveal errors in need of correction;

~ that has backed up over the past 30 years of trying - and, generally, failing - not to offend or cause discomfort;

~ of the underlying fallacies we have built western civilization on;

~ and, are the result of our basic, human condition(... forest)

has finally decided on a starting lineup and flooded out on Facebook this weekend.

That said, the next few posts are selections copied from a barrage ... or, in a kinder light, deluge ... of messages the UNIVERSE seems to want me to shout from the rooftops.

Put out to the world with much, honest, love...

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