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Broken Bottleneck

Today, I fear, is going to be little more than a rant.  And, it may well be my last post for a week or so.  See, me and technology have always had issues.  My running hypothesis is that I give off too much energy.  LOL.

For good or bad, technology is the key that is freeing my creator from the oppression of the office.  And, clearing out my creative backlog.  Whether it is used for hunting down opportunities to earn from my work; offering my work to the world; or, being able to create in multiple forms and modes – combined or on their own – my computer is an essential tool.  This machine I am typing on is the third unit I have been given since initially purchasing a refurbished laptop in July.  Exchanged again on Friday due to a malfunctioning display and the false hope of getting the webcam that I paid for, I started it up and was greeted by more of a crackle than a chime as Windows launched.

Livid.  That is the only way to describe my state.  I feel the need to publicly shame the “production staff” at CDI in Markam ON.  It took them a week to “prepare” it.  Not only are the speakers shot, nothing was updated as requested (there have been two urgent BIOS updates since I purchased it as well as at least ten Windows updates found after activation).  Additionally, the system is full of remnant Windows settings from the last owner that, I believe are slowing everything down.  The five year old Celeron desktop I have in the living room runs better.  I don’t have the skills to figure it out.  I have lost too much time and potential earnings already.  I am seeking a refund.

Rather than spending the day yesterday trying to make this unit that must be returned function, I spent the day seeking recourse and investing twice as much in a new laptop direct from the manufacturer.  I am never buying refurbished again.  Much to my chagrin, it will take more than a week to get the new one.  I have been told that they will try to expedite shipping.

While I was doing that, I also started working on the refund of this unit.  The entire transaction has been wonky from the start (another thing I will never do is buy a computer online from Staples).  The order has actually remained open this whole time. So, I had the option to return it.  In haste, I did.  After processing the refund, I called their customer service line to confirm because the order status did not change.  I was told that my request would have to be investigated and I should call back Monday morning.  But, given that the manufacturer will take the product back, I should receive a full refund.

I have no doubt that I should be able to get one, given the enormous email string that I have to present to Staples and the fact that the CSR I have been dealing with has, without a doubt, gone to heroic lengths to keep me working.  He arranged a same day exchange for me and then actually drove this unit to my home because I was having transportation issues.  Unfortunately, for him, I ended up being able to text him the news.  I hope I did not disturb his weekend too much.  That is the last thing he deserves.  What he does is a raise, at the very least.  If nothing else, he continues to have my endless gratitude.

My folly was starting the refund process before knowing how long it would take to get the new one.  I had the impression it could be within the week as I did no customizing.  However, like having to invest first to earn, it seems I am going to to have to wait in order to, eventually, be time efficient.  If my discussions tomorrow morning go in my favour, I find it doubtful that they will let me hang on to this for another week.  Let alone, give me a more functional unit to use in the interim.

So, today may be my last day to get any semblance of work done on some important projects.  I probably shouldn’t have spent the time writing this (I am typing faster than the letters are appearing!).  However, I made a commitment to myself and my audience to try to post regularly.  Acknowledging the inability to, temporarily, honour that commitment, is only right.

That said, this Sunday will be a day of reflective effort, not rest.  Wish me luck!

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